Pug City's Services

Our wide range of services include the following:

Peugeot Standards ‘A’ & 'C' Servicing
Pug City will service your Peugeot vehicle according to the recommended schedule suggested by Peugeot. This service can vary due to several factors including engine type, model and time of manufacture. However It doesn’t matter which engine type your car has. We have the equipment to service even the most complex of fuel injection systems. All of our services are carried out by one of our qualified technicians using advanced diagnostic computers. All of our parts are OEM/approved or Peugeot, this will protect your Peugeot's manufacturer warranty.
Particulate Filter Faults
Eventually ash & soot will start to block your cars DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) causing your dash light to illuminate (normally when 45% blockage is reached). At this point your DPF requires regeneration. We offer two types of Regeneration - Passive Regeneration & Active Regeneration depending on your requirements.
Key Coding
When Pug City program Peugeot keys we usually require a 4 digit security code. These are supplied when the vehicle is first purchased. The codes can be found on a blue plastic card about the size of a credit card.
Gearbox Faults
We have state of the art diagnostic equipment to diagnose automatic and semi-automatic gearboxes. And we use our years of main dealership experience to strip and overhaul all of your manual gearbox problems.
General Repairs and Diagnostics
Our ATA qualified technicians are trained to operate the most up to date diagnostic equipment to efficiently identify any faults your car may have. All of the parts we use are guaranteed to be of the same quality as those that were originally installed. Our technicians have the latest diagnostic equipment and wealth of experience that can diagnose and repair your vehicle efficiently and as cost effective as possible.
Radio Coding
Lost your vehicles radio code? This can easily happen when the battery goes flat and you've misplaced or never had access to the radios unlock code! This is common when the car has had more than one owner. At Pug City we have the necessary technology in our workshop to unlock and re-programme the VIN no. into the radio to prevent that 'annoying beep' which occurs when the radio has been changed without programming.

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